What I do

Coding is my thing. I am passionate about elegant, well-written code. I've been at this a long while, in many languages - front-end, back end, and pre-any-end-at-all.

I have worked with flat-file, centralized, relational and document databases. I've learned programming in numerous styles: procedural, object-oriented and functional; imperative, declarative and (my latest crave) narrative. I write code in many languages and platforms.

Watching the evolution of development, and of those who develop, has been very intriguing to me. I think I bring an interesting perspective to the conversation, both looking at those roots and seeking to push the current limits.

...And why I do it

It could be easy to simply keep exploring the boundaries and pushing them back, growing my knowledge and skills as I explore this tech frontier.

Please know, I'm well aware I'm not breaking new ground for quite a number of folks. The way I see it, it is much like any frontier: there are those who are the intrepid exlorers, and shortly behind them come the mapmakers and cartographers, mapping the landscape.

I view that second as my role. I am learning many things, all the time, that are new to me. And I think I offer a slightly different perspective, which may give a new insight into areas from which up-and-coming developers can benefit.

Tech Skills

Developer | Tech Enthusiast | Coding Mentor