Some projects I worked on

  • freebli

    React, ContextAPI, Hooks

    screenshot of freebli website

    A team project, building a Freecycle-style goods exchange site in React.

    The idea here was to build a complete authentication system using React and Google Firestore, allowing users to join, post things they would like to pass along to other users, and allow users to connect.

    Rather than using Redux, this was done via Hooks and the contextAPI.

  • BrokerageCalc

    A CSV-JSON lexer and parser, wrapped in Svelte

    screenshot of BrokerageCalc website

    Started as a simple bidirectional parser/lexer between CSV and JSON formats.

    Things rarely stay simple...

    Once the CSV-JSON converter was working, this became a complete Svelte project wrapped around that component. Svelte is great, and the way it handles state via a 'store' is easy to grok. I like it!

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