So Whats This, Then?

Big Questions

The What

There are a few thoughts of late that have been percolating around in my head, some topics I'll want to revisit from a past attempt at blogging and some completely new topics.

I am often to be found on the various forums or message boards, occasionally on some web development Discord groups, often trying to answer questions. Sometimes successfully, sometimes... not so much. And I don't think it's a failure on the part of the learner, I think its a matter of a disconnect.

You see, it's very easy, when you've been in the field for any length of time, to forget what it was like when you started. Or the ball has moved so far down-field that the experiences you went through back then are simply not relevant any longer.

I'm hoping to do this right. I'd like to take some fundamentals that have been pointed out to me, which may not seem quite so fundamental, but that have an enormous impact on what we do as front-end developers. It is my hope that I can use this space as a referent: "Oh, you don't grok passing variables into functions? Here, check this out!"

The Why

I have been in the programming world, in one fashion or another, for more than thirty years. I started on languages like MS-BASIC, COBOL and RPG-II. I have seen the evolution of the internet, and the maturation of coding. I have learned and evolved with this new paradigm, discovering interesting and curious things along the way.

I love to teach, I always have. For me, the joy of discovering is tightly tied to the utter delight in sharing that discovery. And that, for me, is why this. I want a platform to answer the common questions, and also a mechanism to exlore some very uncommon ones.

I am constantly tinkering around, trying different ways of approaching problems, and I look forward to sharing the things I learn, and learning from my mistakes (of which I expect to make a few...).

If something catches my fancy, I'll try to write about it. If there's something you're curious about that you'd like me to talk about, or to flesh out more, drop me a line.

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